suara rakyat suara keramat

suara rakyat suara keramat
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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Akibat selalu dok bagi amaran ...

Hisham Wake Up Bro!

  • Drug baron held in Lukut
  • A Nigerian living like a king in his little palace hideout in Lukut, Port Dickson, was nabbed by the police on suspicion of running a multi-million ringgit international drug syndicate.
  • the 32-year-old Nigerian, who has been living a life of luxury in his bungalow house 
  • operating in the country for less than a year, owns a hotel in his home country 
  • police seized two cars - a BMW and a Toyota Camry 
  • believed to own several high-value properties in the country.
  • syabu weighing 28kg and heroin weighing 16.9kg in his unit. 
  • last week, six people from Zambia, Iran and Nigeria arrested for drug smuggling, street value of RM7mil.
Hishamuddin Hussein there is some contradiction here. The guy was under suspicion for six months. But Police did not act until an accomplice was arrested recently? Something does not jive here.

Anyway this is just one case that has been busted. There are hundreds more like this. Hisham let me, as a non Policeman, give you a tip. Hang pi tengok geng Afrika ini yang bawa kereta mewah-mewah. Ataupun kereta bukan mewah. Duit mana mari? Ataupun geng Afrika yang pakai kasut mahal, baju mahal, handphone mahal. Duit mana mari? It is not difficult to detect these people. Please do not pretend not to know. It is NOT a crime to drive luxury cars or wear thousand Ringgit shoes but it sure is highly suspicious when you dont have a 9-5 job or a legal, registered business to support your expensive habits. Hisham, can you understand what I am saying? Have you gone for that MRI yet? That scanning centre in Bangsar gives discounts.

Di Bukit Jalil sudah ada 'Bas Afrika'.  Depa ada van sendiri yang pi round ambil geng-geng Afrika ni. Every morning depa ni tunggu "bas" dia di tempat tertentu. Can you imagine? They have their own transport service. It is not wrong to have your own transport service. The Iranians have been doing this for a very long time.  But where do they go and what do they do? If they are headed for 9-5 jobs, where did they get the Visa to do that? If they are running businesses where did they get the Visa to do that? Bisness apa?

Among the solutions to this problem is much, much stricter Visa control in Nigeria, Iran, other African countries and South American countries. Minta lah duit Visa yang lebih. Atau gunakan quota. The Gomen has to really sort this out between the Ministries of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Higher Education Affairs and any other affairs. 

Jangan main tai chi bro. Syabu 28 kg and heroin 17 kg was seized from the Nigerian guy in his unit alone. How many drug addicts does that create? How many women become victims to snatch thieves who steal their purses to buy these Nigerian and Iranian drugs? 

This is certainly another election issue. People are getting fed up over all the "tidak apa" attitude shown by the Gomen. You are definitely sleeping on the job in this area. We are getting really tired of reading non stop about the Police arresting yet another Nigerian, yet another Iranian, yet another Zambian, yet another Colombian for drugs, stealing, cheating and all kinds of crap. Put a stop to this. You are losing votes doh.-posted by Syed Akhbar Ali

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