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suara rakyat suara keramat
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

...and wanita's tell Dr.M .."To Hell With You !"

Dr.M: Quit before you're chased out
The ex-PM tells Sharizat Abdul Jalil to quit politics following the National Feedlot Centre controversy ... HERE ...

... and the wanita's tell Dr.M hell with you !

Many wanita's umno voiced their commitment to give their solid support to the movement's head, Sharizat Abdul Jalil who is being attacked with various slanders and unfounded allegations.

A local Wanita Umno committee member from Jelutong, Siti Ribut Binti Haji Kulat described the Wanita Umno Head as an 'iron lady' who was unafraid to face the slanders.

"I was fluttered and could not suppress my emotion. I was sad and angry when i read Tun Dr.Mahathir statement who ask Sharizat to quit before being chased out. This old man must be senile."

Meanwhile, another wanita umno member from Bayan Baru, Maela Beevi Binti Haja Maidin desribed.

Sharizat as a leader who was never tired of leading the movement to ride the political turbulance, particularly, when facing the next general election.

"We trust her, we have confidence on her, we are united and solidly supporting her leadership. Give us any task, and we will carry them out, even 'jihad' or if she want us to 'hack' Tun Dr.Mahathir head, we will do that. We have no fear and we are not afraid at all."

Another wanita umno member also critised Tun Dr. Mahathir for attacking Sharizat.

Kah..Kah..Kah, what say you Tun??

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  1. I bet you that both wanita from Penang closely related to mami Ijat(jangan2 depa tu geng mamak2 dari Penang yang menyokong sarizat..what about the rest of wanita from other states). Probably they are anak2 mami from Penang which are willing to hack Tun M's head because they already got paid by sarizat to open their longkang mouth to do so. Duit boleh buat apa saja pada orang, boleh jadi gila dan cakap merapu..beside these wanita are not the the ketua wanita bahagian who got power of influence to call the shot. Setakat grassroot haprak dan korup macam sarizat ...who cares if they want to defend sarizat. As far as the wanita Umno mainstream are concerned ...SARIZAT IS FINISHED, SHE IS HISTORY and her cronies can follow her to hell if they choose to stand by her. Sape Siti Ribut anak si Kulat dan Maela Beevi anak Maidin kalau dibandingkan dengan negarawan tersohor Tun Mahathir ..pirrrah ikut sarizat jaga lembu2 dia yang berkeliaran merata-rata bukan cakap bodoh. Suara majority WANITA UMNO senyap, makna setujulah SARIZAT LETAK JAWATAN habis ceriter!!!!