suara rakyat suara keramat

suara rakyat suara keramat
Kerajaan sepatutnya takut kepada rakyat. Bukan rakyat yang takut kepada kerajaan

Monday, April 25, 2011

BN Promises - Nothing But Bounced Cheques!

Patut pun depa menang! rupa-rupanya orang-orang dayak dan lain-lain suku kaum lagi di sana semuanya bangang..., lain kali kena minta cash, cheque tak mau !!

BN Promises – Nothing But Bounced Cheques!
FROM Sarawak Report

“My name is Kuching ak Moyan and i am one of the headmen in Tamin constituency. In the just concluded State election, i was given three cheques, one for RM2,000, another for RM3,000 and the third for RM5,000 by the Barisan Nasional candidate,Joseph Mauh. I have cashed out the first two cheques, both for a total RM5,000 but the last one, for RM5,000, was bounced. So i sent it back to him and he promised that he will bank in the amount instead into my account. Up till today, i have not received the RM5,000. The three cheques were given to me on the 13th of April so that we will give our support to the Barisan Nasional. In the year 2006 State election, each voter here was given only RM20 but in this election, the amount was increased to RM50 per voter. There are 15 voters in this longhouse and all of them were given RM50 each. I think all of us have voted for Barisan Nasional. Ofcourse I know that the money the Barisan Nasional give to us would amount to nothing if the government grabbed our land. But what to do, we still have to vote for the government as the government has given us the money. Yes, i know we can just accept the Barisan Nasional money and vote for the opposition but since everybody else voted for Barisan Nasional this time, i decided to follow suit.”

Time to stop Sham Elections in Sarawak

This is just the beginning of the evidence about this election. No wonder BN in KL was so worried about the election and so relieved at the outcome. But likewise, no wonder Taib rushed in the middle of the night in the middle of the weekend to the Governor to get sworn back in before anyone could shout “Stop Thief!”

dollah yankee -
Kah..Kah..Kah..Lubang sudah pecah  !!!

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