suara rakyat suara keramat

suara rakyat suara keramat
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Indahnya bahasa kalau bab nak mencekik darah !

Tube Ice Manufacturers of Kuala Lumpur,Selangor & Putrajaya

We are pleased to inform all our valued Customers that the price of edible tube ice will be increased RM0.50 per bag from the minimum price of RM3.00 per bag (last increased since 01.06.2008) to the minimum price of RM3.50 per bag with effect from 01.01.2011.

The selling price has been eroding even though our production and distribution costs have been increasing over these two years. However, in view of the drastic increase in all production materials, including plastic bang, insulated boxes as well as the escalating costs of distribution, especially the costs of the upkeep and maintenance of lorries, we therefore have no other choice, but, to *adjust our price in order that our service to provide hygienic ice is not effected. The increased is also due to the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the Food Act wich require all ice producers and handlers to improve food safety procedures.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all our Customers for their continuous support.
dollah yankee -
*adjust?? it should read as what Najib keep saying to Malaysian selaras harga

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