suara rakyat suara keramat

suara rakyat suara keramat
Kerajaan sepatutnya takut kepada rakyat. Bukan rakyat yang takut kepada kerajaan

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ini bukan mimpi ya?! Bukan sedang tidor ya?!

Betting licences: Listen to the people, says Pak Lah
May 22, 10 5:42pm

The government should listen to the views of the people regarding the decision to issue football betting licences to legalise football betting in view of the 2010 World Cup next month.

Saying this today, former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is chairperson of the Institute of Islamic Understanding (Ikim), said the people had the right to speak their minds and the government should listen to them.

dollah yankee -

laaa.. ingatkan masih lagi dok tidoq..

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