suara rakyat suara keramat

suara rakyat suara keramat
Kerajaan sepatutnya takut kepada rakyat. Bukan rakyat yang takut kepada kerajaan

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dilema Melayu UMNO

Suspending Anwar from Parliament, which is not difficult for Umno to do, BUT will further strengthen the opposition (PAKATAN RAKYAT) and draw more support from the rakyat. The rakyat will perceive Anwar as the people's hero (HE IS INDEED!) in trying to fight injustice and in the process is getting hammered from Umno for his efforts. The Sodomy II trial has already managed to garner more support from the rakyat AND PARTS OF THE WORLD LEADER towards Anwar's cause. - Malaysiakini, Saturday 20/03/2010

dollah yankee -

sekali ini rakyat tidak akan turun ke jalan raya, tetapi akan menunggu dengan penuh sabar PRU-13 untuk membenamkan BN/UMNO.

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