suara rakyat suara keramat

suara rakyat suara keramat
Kerajaan sepatutnya takut kepada rakyat. Bukan rakyat yang takut kepada kerajaan

Friday, February 19, 2010

Perhatian untuk KSN

Melayu saja ka?.. India,Cina? Tarak?!
ini macam 1malaysia ka?!

The pilgrimage to Mecca by Muslims (99.5% malays) in Malaysia has been superbly organised and facilitated by Tabung Haji, and year in and year out, thousands of Malaysian Muslims make their spiritual journey there.

Among them are many serving civil servants. They are granted paid leave for the whole duration of their stay in Mecca to fulfill their religious obligation. This is indeed a highly commendable and noble gesture by the government.

Having said that, I wish to draw the attention of the government to the plight of Non-Muslim government servants who wish to make the spiritual journey to their respective sacred sites overseas but are unable to do so due to the lack of annual leave.

I appeal to the authorities to consider extending the paid leave privileges to all non-muslim civil servants who intend to perform their pilgrimages overseas.

The authorities can consult the Malaysian Consultive Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Taoism to get a better idea of non-muslim pilgrimages.


dollah yankee -

ini lahh akibatnya bila... bagi betis...

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