suara rakyat suara keramat

suara rakyat suara keramat
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cut water and power rates first

I FAIL to understand all this talk about nasionalising higway when the cost of basic needs like water and electricity affects more people than toll higway.

I live in Kota Bahru where there are no toll higways. I only pay for hihway travel when i am visiting friends and relatives on the west coast. I am satisfied with the services provided by the toll operators because i see the roads are well-maintained and the rest stopsnare delight, with clean toilets and food courts.

Those who use the highways to get to work will have more to complain about, so i would assume the real issue is with urban highways then the North-South Expessway.

MCA is missing the forest for the trees if it is looking only at PLUS and excluding other highways in and around Kuala Lumpur. Be that as it may, i am more concerned with reducing the water and electricity tariffs. So can the MCA please concentrate its efforts at controlling the independent power producers or nationalising them rather than just pleasing the vocal few who pick on toll highways?

To me, if you don't use the highways, there is no issu. If you use the higways, then by all means pay up because the operator need to maintain the roads and facilities, because nothing in life is free and you have a choice whether to use the free roads or toll roads.

If you really want to alleviate the rakyat's burden, find a solution to lower water and electricity rates once and for all.

Wong Wei Mun
Kota Bahru.

dollah yankee- not only water and electricity but hospital's too

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  1. Bro Dollah,
    IPP depa punya member banyak jadi director, mana boleh.nanti miss syoru bro.

    member batu gantung